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Created on 2011-08-03 17:26:59 (#1028504), last updated 2011-08-23 (317 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Oct 18
Location:Connecticut, United States of America
Yay you've found my LJ. Or maybe not yay. Almost everything is friends locked, but i do write in here often.

Fun facts about the author:
I'm a libra and tend to act like it. I wish i was more artsy. I bobble my head when i have to make choices.
I'm an engineer, and sometimes let it show. I'm good with math & spacial thinking. I'm also shy and geeky.
I'm bisexual, sort of masochistic and submissive. I'm recently married to a great guy, and we're both exploring the concept of non-monogamy. I'm active in the local bdsm community and go to a few events each year outside of home range.
Labels are my enemy.
I'm a full grown adult who tends to act like she's 8. I take joy in simple things. I'm amazed by glitter, flashy lights, sparkles, shinies and many cute things. I play dress up. I like skulls and cherries.

Fun facts about the journal:
Expect stuff about my job, identity, mental health, bdsm, family and doldrums of daily life. I do have some filters for work, kink and family, but it spills over here and there.
I'm very cool with comments, so long as it's all civil.
This journal really is 18+ for content.
I try to use the lj-cut tag for images. Sometimes i forget with long posts.

and sorry, i do have a bad habit of texty memes. I stay away from the quiz/graphic heavy ones though.


My name is


I am

ally, ask me, BD, BDSM, bbw admirer, bi-romantic, bisexual, bottom, bouncy, brunette, chick, child, chubby, creature, curious, cute, DS, daddy's grrl, daughter, dunno yet, faerie, family-closeted, female, female-bodied, feminist, femme-ish, flirty, friend, GLBT, geek, gender confused, genetic woman, girl, glittery, grrl, human, individual, intelligent, introvert, kid, kinky, lolita, leather, liberal, lover, Mrs., masochist, niece, not sure of myself, odd, open, outgoing, pansexual, peoplesexual, pixie, polyamorous, pro-choice, pro-family, pro-gay, pro-sex feminist, queer, queer-friendly, queer-minded, quiet, quirky, radical, random, sadomasochist, sex positive, simple, sister, submissive, survivor, unique, voyeuristic, wannabe, wife

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